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Politics – There may just be a plan!

by Iain Donaldson on 4 July, 2016

“What has Europe ever done for us?” was the cry that sounded across a disgruntled and largely ignored working class Britain as it pressed the red button that had clear instructions written across it is big yellow letters “do not press under any circumstances”. The problem is that if you offer people no hope, no […]

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Politics – After the EU Referendum

by Iain Donaldson on 29 June, 2016

The oldest parliamentary democracy in the world is facing constitutional crisis and political meltdown following the EU Referendum vote, and the only solution is an immediate general election, as most MP’s have no mandate to vote in favour of Brexit and most probably don’t even want to. Most Tory candidates who became MP’s had made […]

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Household food bills could be about to rise by a staggering 14% as a direct result of Britain’s decision to exit the European Union due to the predicted fall in the Pound against both the Euro and the Dollar. Britain produces around 54% of the food we consume, with a further 27% coming from the […]

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Once the EU Referendum has taken place the next big political battle in the UK will be on the future of our nuclear deterrent.   Like this EU Referendum the argument over whether Trident will be continued, mothballed or decommissioned seemed to split the country into three clear camps, with the Conservatives and Labour supporting like […]

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The latest nonsense meme being circulated by the campaign against Britain remaining in the EU relates to a recent realisation by the Swiss Government that they did not complete the paperwork 22 years ago when they decided not to join the EU.  Switzerland stopped pursuing its application in 1994 when it decided instead to go […]

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In the past week we have seen two stories hit the national press, and both had three things in common: The colour red, asylum seekers and singling people out. The first was the unsavoury story of a housing provider in Middlesbrough contracted to G4S to provide accommodation to asylum seekers painting their front doors red. […]

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Political Perspective: The folly of informal diplomacy

by Iain Donaldson on 25 January, 2016

34 years ago my grandmother woke me with the news that the Argentineans had invaded Scotland. Even in that half-sleep state it seemed odd that a South American nation would travel all that way to attack the UK. I relocated to the living-room sofa to watch the Breakfast News, and I was able to assure […]

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Political Perspective: Labour’s Bedroom Tax

by Iain Donaldson on 10 December, 2015

Imposed on private sector tenants by the Labour Government on 7th April 2008 the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) was the forerunner to the so called ‘Bedroom Tax’ and introduced the concept that the state would only pay Housing Benefits for the number of rooms the claimant’s household need to occupy. The number of bedrooms needed […]

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Political Perspective: Affordable housing for all

by Iain Donaldson on 26 November, 2015

Liberal Democrats believe that regardless of income, employment, class, or circumstance, everyone has a right to a safe, affordable home, which is why we oppose the Conservative’s “Right to Buy” scheme. There is not enough housing to go round in he UK, and that means we need to build over a quarter of a million […]

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Political Perspective: Trans day of remembrance

by Iain Donaldson on 20 November, 2015

I was today asked why we specifically need a Trans day of remembrance rather than a day of remembrance for all the gay community. After letting out my sharp intake of breath I took the time to explain to the unfortunate individual the difference between gay (same sex love) and trans (gender dysphoria). The person […]

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