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King Boris

by Iain Donaldson on 1 October, 2018

Imagine a future in which every devolved or independent part of the UK, and every British Crown Protectorate and British Crown Dependency with membership or Associate Membership of the EU is offered full membership of the EU in its own right.

Imagine that the Stormont Government get agreement from the EU that they will be treated as a separate EU state from Eire, have full legislative powers and membership of the Euro and retain the right to reunification with Eire should the majority vote for that option at a later date.  Imagine that the Unionists are persuaded that this is of more value to them than remaining in a diminished UK.

Imagine that the Gibraltarians are offered full membership of the EU as Micro-states in their own right, and that Spain agrees to Gibraltar becoming a full member of the EU on that basis following a referendum of the people of Gibraltar.

Imagine that the other 9 Crown Dependencies are offered the option of either full membership of the EU or continuing associate membership of the EU, as they choose, again subject to a referendum.

Imagine that the British Overseas Territories receive the same offer.

Imagine that Scotland has a Brexit triggered second independence referendum and votes to leave the UK and join the EU, and that Shetland and the Orkneys then vote to become independent EU Micro-states in their own rights.

Imagine that Wales realises the damage it has done to itself by voting for Brexit, and decides that the only way to restore its fortunes is to vote to leave the rapidly diminishing UK and join the EU.

In the much reduced Kingdoms of England (yes there are either five (Wessex, Duvoni, Mercia, Northumbria) or eight (Wessex, Icini, Duvoni, Mercia, Briton, Deira and Bernicia) kingdoms of England how long will it be before they are demanding first full devolution and then independence in order to join the European Union.

I will focus now on one of those kingdoms, Northumbria.  It has a population of 15 million and were it a country it would be in the top ten economies in the European Union.  It currently receives a fraction of the spending on infrastructure that London receives.  Imagine if the seven (or nine if you count the Yorkshire ridings as three counties) counties of the North were to come together to secure a fair funding deal, in this reduced England they would be almost a third of the population, and with fairly distributed votes a third of the MP’s in Parliament.

Boris may well become Prime Minister, but of what?  Bede’s England is in  the north, the kingdoms of Britain would not be united, and Boris would be the flaxen haired Prime Minister of Wessex or even,  if Wessex has good sense, compete to be Prime Minister of London.