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Politics: The Battle for Britain

by Iain Donaldson on 19 April, 2017

The United Kingdom stands today at a crossroads, and it for the people to decide which path we tread. One path leads us to international isolation and the destruction of the values we have built over two centuries, the other leads us to the open, tolerant and united Britain that so many of us have worked to build.

Yesterday the Prime Minister who told us that there would be no General Election until 2020 announced that she wanted “unity” at Westminster as talks on Brexit begin in earnest with the European Union. This means that either the Prime Minister has failed to secure the support of her own party for hard Brexit, or that she faces the loss of sufficient Conservative MP’s for her to get Brexit through Westminster.

Is it pure coincidence that this announcement has come at the same time as the Police and the Crown Prosecution service are preparing to press charges against numerous Conservative MP’s for election spending offences that could see them lose their seats back to Liberal Democrats?

If you were a Prime Minister facing two years of impossible negotiations over a Brexit decision you know you can not delver with a party that is splitting and only a 17 seat majority, and then the police announced that they were proceeding with the prosecution of several of your MP’s for not declaring the hire of busses and hotel rooms for their staff during the General Election, what might you do to deal with that situation?

Corbyn and May stand side by side on Brexit.

On Brexit Corbyn and May stand side by side.

This decision does though give Britain the opportunity to think again over Brexit. Whilst Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn stand shoulder to shoulder on a Brexit platform they are offering no change to the British people.

On 8th June on the biggest issue to face our nation so far this century, will be whether or not to withdraw Article 50 and remain in the European Union, but neither the Conservatives nor Labour offer that alternative vision of Britain’s future.

The Liberal Democrats are now the only national party of Remain.

No matter how much the SNP may complain about this, they can only hope to gain one Brexit seat, they will make absolutely no difference to Britain’s future. Similarly the Green party has never managed to field a full slate of candidates and with a large number of their members having now returned to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party the most they can offer is support to another party.

Only the Liberal Democrats can keep Britain in Europe, and with over 50,000 new members having joined since the 2015 General election they are well positioned to fight that platform.

On the day that Theresa May called the General Election 5000 more people joined the Liberal Democrats, and if the same number join today and tomorrow then the party will boast over 100,000 members at the start of the 2017 General Election campaign.

That is over 100,000 people fighting for the human rights the Conservatives want to abolish, the right of workers not to be exploited and the rights of children to a decent eductation. The rights that guarantee we live in an open, tolerant and united Britain.

That is over 100,000 people fighting for our businesses and industry to have the right to continue trading in the world’s largest market without tarriffs or restrictions.

That is over 100,000 people fighting for the right to privacy, to liberty, to justice.

When addressing the Council for Europe in Strasbourg in 1950 Winston Churchill stated that “Those who serve supreme causes must not consider what they can get but what they can give.”

If you believe in an open, tolerant and United Britain at the political heart of the European Union then now is the time to join the Liberal Democrats and lets fight together for that European Union we know is in the best interest of our Nation.

Join the Liberal Democrats today