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Politics: The fall of the English Empire.

by Iain Donaldson on 3 April, 2017

When Spain entered the EU it was on the condition that they dropped their territorial claims over Gibraltar and re-opened the border. When Britain leaves the EU Spain will be at liberty to reinstate its claim over Gibraltar, and frankly if Britain were to do as Michael Fallon has hinted then she would find herself at odds not only with Spain, but also with the EU and NATO.

Membership of NATO clearly states that if one member is attacked then all members are attacked. If Britain attacks Spain over Gibraltar then that puts us at war with most of Europe and the USA; leaving NATO was definitely not an option covered by the Brexit vote.

Furthermore, if Spain reopens its claims over Gibraltar then what is to stop Denmark re-opening its claims over The Orkney and Shetland Islands, France reopening its claims over the Channel Islands and Eire opening claims over Northern Ireland?

If in the throes of these international disputes Scotland and Wales did sue for independence then it is possible that we could see the UK reduced to England alone. How long then before Cornwall or Northumbria decide to seek independence from the Angle and Saxon kingdoms?

Oh, and there is much more territorial dispute to come for when Britain attempts to re-join the World Trade Organisation not only does the EU have a veto but so does Argentina, and it’s almost certain that their veto will be used to settle the ongoing dispute over the Falkland Islands. With Hong Kong having been ceded to China, now many more of those little pink dots on the map will turn another hue.

Britsh exit from the European Union is begining to look far more dangerous for our small island, just off the coast of Europe, than even the worst nightmares of the Remainers thought possible.

There are those who have hinted at Mrs May taking us back to the times of Queen Elizabeth I, but let’s be clear about this, Elizabeth I was queen of England and France.  What we are now facing is an England comparable geographically to that of Alfred the Great.  It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase Little Englander.