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Politics: Conservatives revert to type in a budget for the rich

by Iain Donaldson on 9 March, 2017

As the price of food and everyday commodities continues to rise in our shops, the Conservatives have chosen to increase the National Insurance Tax on shopkeepers, local tradespeople taxi-drivers and anyone else who is self-employed.  Meanwhile the big businesses like Amazon, Costa and others who have evaded paying their full share of tax are getting a cut in their corporation tax.  The Tory budget will result in even higher prices, empty shops and even less money in the pockets of the poorest in our society, whilst the rich continue to be protected.

Whilst funding for our local schools continues to be cut, the Conservatives are planning to spend money on creating new grammar schools for the children of their rich benefactors in the leafy suburbs.  Whats more, parents will now find that if they use a self-employed child minder or are paying for extra lessons for their children to help with thier school work then the budget will have put up the price of that.  Similarly the price of dance classes or other out of school activites that are provided by hard working self-employed people will now  be rising.

As for the NHS that the Tories claimed they would protect they have not only failed to provide the money needed for services to stand still, they are cutting the budget in real terms, which means more queues, more delayed operations and more deaths.  Whats more if you are paying for a self-employed carer to visit an elderly or sick relative then that cost too is set to rise.

The hard Brexit that the Government is intent on pursuing is already causing misery to thousands of local people here in Gorton.  Only the other day whilst I was out shopping an old lady was looking at a frying pan.  She said “It was only £19 two days ago, now its £21, its Brexit you know.  I wish now I’d never voted for Brexit.”.

People are beginning to realise with rising prices and a stagnating jobs market just how bad hard Brexit is for Britain, and this is only the impact of knowing we are going to leave Europe.  When the Government fails to come up with a deal and we leave the single market and lose the protection on jobs that the EU provides the impact will be far worse.

The worst part of all this is that only 25% of the population, only 37% of voters voted leave in the first place, but then only 25% of voters voted for this Conservative Government that is causing so much damage to our economy, jobs and hitting the poorest hardest.

The people deserve a say on the final deal, and the Liberal Democrats supported by the only Green ever to be elected are now providing the only oppostion in England to this Conservative Government’s hard brexit.  Labour capitualted a long time ago, they are no longer in opposition, when it comes to Brexit Jeremy Corbyn may as well be sitting on the same benches as Theresa May.

Corbyn and May stand side by side on Brexit.

On Brexit Corbyn and May stand side by side.