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Politics: Dynasty

by Iain Donaldson on 11 November, 2016

The election of Donald Trump has been coming for a long time, possibly even long before Mr Trump decided to stand for president, and the simple truth is that had it not been him it would have been someone else.

The simple truth is that America has for decades been run by two powerful families, the Kennedy’s and the Bush’s.  Bill Clinton is the second cousin twice removed of the late president John F Kennedy.  Now, ask yourself, if you were a citizen of a country that prided itself in being a Republic, then which way would you have voted?

When the Democrats offered Obama as their candidate they appeared to break that dynastical link, and yet Hilary was one of the most senior appointees to Obama’s government.  The underlying current of the American elections was that the people wanted rid of a political elite, and the Kennedy-Bush dynasties were exactly what they did not want.

Many people have asked the question why, with such a vast population, these two candidates were the best they could come up with.  The answer to that question is quite clear, the Democrat candidate from outside the elite was defeated hands down, and the only person able to break the grip of the elite on the Republicans was Donald J Trump.

This isn’t about the odious views of the man; this is about a democracy having been hijacked by dynastical ambitions.  This is about generation after generation of one family believing it has a god given right to rule.  The people said no, it doesn’t.

Here in the UK we have developed a similar elitism in our politics.  If you didn’t go to Oxbridge or St Andrews then our political classes will overlook you every time in their selection processes.  The children of sitting and former MP’s line up on the approved lists to be appointed to their allotted constituency.  Labour and Tory parties alike are no more than a small cluster of Universities vying for which Academic dynasty will govern next.

There are those (mainly members of our academic elite) who believe that you have to have certain qualifications to form a government and run a country.  What they fail to understand is that politicians don’t run the country, they guide it.  It’s the professional civil service that runs the country.

The British constitutional settlement (we don’t have written constitution) separates the dynasty from the policy making institutions, but what we now see are new dynasties forming, and that has got to be guarded against.