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Politics – There may just be a plan!

by Iain Donaldson on 4 July, 2016

“What has Europe ever done for us?” was the cry that sounded across a disgruntled and largely ignored working class Britain as it pressed the red button that had clear instructions written across it is big yellow letters “do not press under any circumstances”.

The problem is that if you offer people no hope, no control over their own lives and no say in their own futures then a sign saying “do not press under any circumstances” leaves them with an option to take, and that means they can choose between a status quo that leaves them powerless or a big red button that might just change things.

There are those who suggest that 23rd June 2016 will go down in history as Britain’s Independence Day, but when the dust settles and our country is still run by an Oxbridge Elite that have been getting it wrong for generations what will really have changed?  The simple truth is that all the pain will have been for nothing.  We will still have a sham of a democracy in which 37% of the popular vote can deliver a majority in the commons; an unelected house of lords; and a media that is ruled by tax-exiles and foreign nationals.  This is no way to run a country.

If there is to be a people’s revolution then it will require that:

  • Power is ceded by Westminster to Regional Parliaments and local Government;
  • We shift from a voting system that gives 51% of the seats to 37% of people who voted;
  • We have a House of Lords that is elected by the people rather than appointed on political patronage;
  • We have a directly elected Prime Minister who can select a cabinet from the best brains in the Country rather than the biggest sycophants in Westminster;
  • A written constitution.

The political party with a long record of offering these measures is the same political party that people rejected in 2015, and a political party that has warned of the democratic deficit for generations.  The last significant reforms to the UK constitution we Liberal Reforms, the NHS and Social Security were proposed by that great Liberal William Beveridge.

We now see the Conservative Party tearing itself apart over Europe, and most likely to elect a Leader who supported Remain, with the main leave candidates having either expressed their own unsuitability for the role or fled the field for the lack of a plan.

We see at the same time  Labour party that is tearing itself apart as the pro-nationalisation Socialists try to defend a leader who has shown himself incapable of leading against the pro-mutualisation social democrats who form the majority of their Parliamentary Party.

Right now our country is desperate for leadership, we need a General Election so that that leadership has a mandate to move forward and we need a Leader who knows who and what he is fighting for, will bring power to the people and does not hail from a discredited elite that have for decades done harm to this country.

The great Irony is that the working people needing a working class leader can look to only one party.  Every Tory and Labour option for Leader is a part of the Oxbridge Elite and the only one from outwith that elite is Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

There may just be a plan!