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Politics – Switzerland formalises withdrawal of its EU membership application 22 years after it withdrew

by Iain Donaldson on 20 June, 2016

The latest nonsense meme being circulated by the campaign against Britain remaining in the EU relates to a recent realisation by the Swiss Government that they did not complete the paperwork 22 years ago when they decided not to join the EU.  Switzerland stopped pursuing its application in 1994 when it decided instead to go it alone and the shocking (and in Swiss culture embarrassing) news is that they forgot to complete the paperwork.

In more recent news, on 9 February 2014 Switzerland voted “Against Mass Immigration” and in favour employers giving preference to Swiss nationals when hiring workers. Brussels refused any renegotiation of the freedom of movement agreement to facilitate this and the first consequence has been a 25% cut in the number of EU students attending Swiss Universities and the stalling of plans to cut Swiss electricity costs by interconnecting their supplies with those of the EU.

Furthermore, Switzerland was told that in addition to requiring that re-opening its borders, the EU is now also demanding that its banking system be opened to EU scrutiny before normal relations can be restored.

These instructions were issues by the British Commissioner, Lady Ashton.

It is clear from the Swiss model that if Britain does not remain in the EU any British access to the Common Market would be subject to our becoming a member of Shengen, thereby losing our special status of controling our own borders and subjecting our Banking system to European scrutiny, thereby losing our special status for banking.

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