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Political Perspective – votein patronizin

by Iain Donaldson on 29 May, 2016

Well, this week we have seen proof positive that the Liberal Democrats have been right to run our own Remain campaign alongside the official cross-party campaign as we can distance ourselves from the latest patronizin (sic) attempt by votein to get young people to support remaining in the EU.

In a publicity stunt second only to Boris touring the country in a German made battle bus to campaign for a leave vote, or indeed UKIP’s French cars with their logo on them (remember that?) the VoteIn campaign have managed to both patronise and alienate many young voters with a video that suggests that one of Britain’s best educated generations do not know that words ending with ‘ing’ have at least one ‘g’ in them (begging for example has three g’s in it and better reflects the very much the level of desperation that this latest advertising ploy demonstrates).

Oddly the letter g is not the only alphabetical character that we are set to lose in this referendum because according to Georgie Porgy and the pig fancier we are also likely to lose the letters B and Q (so get the barbeque set out before 23rd June just in case you can’t use it afterwards) in what will be a DIY recession, predicted by the British Civil Service on behalf of the VoteIn campaign (fortunately the Civil Service are now in purdah and so the only wild exaggerations from here on in should come from the independent analysts).

The reason the Chancellor used the term DIY recession was of course that he was speaking in B&Q, was because he was making the speech in B&Q; had the speech been made say on a farm then some other alliteration such as stuffed like a pig might have been more appropriate.

On the subject of fun don’t forget to buy your Euromillons ticket, you might not be able to for much longer if Europe were to retaliate over a Brexit.

Of course there is one industry that will certainly not enter recession in the event of a Brexit, and that is the signwriting industry.  Lots of high street businesses will have to be renamed.  Costa Coffee would Coast Coffee, Pret a Manger would become Ready to Eat, Malmaison would become Whorehouse, and of course IKEA would become IKEA (meaningless in both languages).

In all seriousness though, if you want to get people to vote for in then rather than patronising young people who don’t vote you need to persuade older people who do vote.  For people who have retired the big question isn’t job security it’s healthcare, and holidays and that is exactly where Brexit would have the most detrimental effect for them.

The impact would be on the tourist industry because of the loss of the E111 health insurance scheme, which would create a massive increase in the cost of holiday insurance.  Think of the benefits to Bognor, Barry Island, Bournemouth and Blackpool as thousands of British Pensioners are forced to holiday in the UK.  Think also of the impact on our NHS as we send thousands of doctors, nurses and ancillary workers back to Europe whilst Spain and France send our pensioners back to us.

That is the message that VoteIn should be getting out there, and it has singularly failed to do so.

So stop patronizin and start thinkin would be my message.