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Political Perspective: Trans day of remembrance

by Iain Donaldson on 20 November, 2015

I was today asked why we specifically need a Trans day of remembrance rather than a day of remembrance for all the gay community. After letting out my sharp intake of breath I took the time to explain to the unfortunate individual the difference between gay (same sex love) and trans (gender dysphoria).

The person I was speaking with was then further disavowed of her “misunderstanding” that trans is a mental health condition, whereas it is actually a recognised medical condition.

Those of you who follow my regular blogs will be aware of the case of Tara Hudson, a trans woman initially sentenced to serve time in a male prison. Fortunately that decision was successfully appealed and she will now serve time in a women’s prison.

Today we read of the sad death of Vicky Thompson who was imprisoned in an all male prison despite being a post op trans woman.

This is happening in Britain in the 21st Century, and we are considered one of the more Liberal societies in the world.

Until such issues as the spousal veto, gender X on passports, and sending people to facilities inappropriate to their gender have been sorted out, along with the ridiculous amount of time and paperwork it takes to get medical approval and treatment for gender disphoria we should not only remember and celebrate those in our society who are trans, we should also continue to campaign alongside them for their equality.