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Political Perspective: Welfare Cuts

by Iain Donaldson on 21 July, 2015

If you have criticised the Liberal Democrats for entering coalition with the Tories to negotiate away the worst excesses of their welfare cuts, rather than joining Labour to oppose those cuts, then last night’s vote shows you how wrong you have been.

The Liberal Democrats last night voted against the Tory cuts, expecting Labour to join us in the no lobby, but we and the millions who fell for Labour’s false rhetoric about being opposed to cuts, were sadly disappointed as 184 Labour MP’s abstained. That for the record is 80% of the Parliamentary Labour Party voted for welfare cuts.

To put things in absolute stark contrast:

  • Labour MP’s abstaining on welfare cuts = 184
  • Government majority on welfare cuts =     184

To all those of my friends, former constituents and everyone out there who wonders why I continue to support the Liberal Democrats you now have your answer. You simply can not trust Labour to do the job.

Last night Labour could have voted with the Liberal Democrats to stop the Tory welfare cuts, instead more than a half of their MP’s abstained delivering the Government a majority it simply did not deserve.

So ask yourself, would things really be that different under Labour?

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