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How it really is – Labour is still the party of sleaze

by Iain Donaldson on 20 January, 2012

Labour continue the sleaze even in opposition!

Shadow Housing Minister, Jack Dromey, was forced to apologise to the Commons yesterday after failing to declare that he had accepted almost £60,000 in payments from the trade union Unite.

A parliamentary sleaze inquiry found Jack Dromey, who is married to deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman, committed a serious breach of Commons rules by failing to declare a financial relationship with the union – Labour’s biggest donor – for more than a year.

Despite being Ed Miliband’s shadow housing minister, having served for years as Labour’s treasurer and having held a string of senior positions during a 32-year career in the trade union movement, Mr Dromey was let off with a slap on the wrist after a committee of MPs ruled he was a ‘new and inexperienced MP’.

After his election in May 2010, Mr Dromey said he was resigning as Unite’s deputy general secretary and had ‘declined my salary in the meantime’, but in truth he continued to work for the union part time, charging up to £200 an hour for several months.

Mr Dromey was paid more than £28,000 in wages until he finally stopped working for the union in October 2010.