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How it could have been – under Labour

by Iain Donaldson on 18 October, 2014

It’s a hot summer evening in Manchester and you are walking home along a deserted street, in a city that has fallen eerily silent. The Government’s insistence on imposing its fuel escalator has taken the cost of even public transport out of your reach as the price of bus tickets has risen at 6% above the soaring inflation that resulted from the failure to get the deficit under control and the subsequent collapse of the UK economy. It’s the 5th consecutive year of recession, and nobody you know has been able to get a job for the past five years. A police officer approaches you, his hand over his gun holster, and demands that you stop and show him your ID Card.

“Sir, do you know this area is under curfew?” he asks, and you tell him that you do but it is the only safe route back from the hospital, where your mother lies dying for lack of equipment and doctors due to a 20% cut in funding for the NHS. The Hospital has long since moved from its plush new buildings to the run down old factory because the Trust were unable to keep up its PFI payments.

“I’m sorry sir, but I am going to have to arrest you for contravention of curfew.” the officer tells you, and you know that that means that you will be forced to work on one of the community service work-gangs, the only employment in this area these days. It’s only another five minutes to home, but you know that there is no point arguing, or running. He has your ID and will soon find you. Others have fled to Scotland, now independent of England to seek asylum, but even that option is no longer available to you?

Imagine this is Britain 2015, it could well have been if Labour had won the last General Election because every one of these policies was either already enacted or contained in their manifesto. Little wonder that they changed the National Anthem of England from Land of Hope and Glory to Jerusalem.

Since forming the coalition in 2010 the Liberal Democrats have been leading a Government that has halved Labour’s deficit, ended Labour’s banking crisis, turned round Labour’s decline in manufacturing industry, stopped Labour’s ID Cards, prevented Labour’s 20% NHS cuts, stopped Labours social housing cuts, ended Labour’s area wide curfews, ended Labour’s fuel escalator and reversed Labour’s economic decline.

When you decide which way to vote in 2015, don’t just look at what the Liberal Democrats have done in Government, look at what we prevented too in order to create a stronger economy and fairer society giving opportunity to everybody.